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League Rules

The Winter League runs from 16 January to 27 March 2022


  • Best of 3 sets.

  • Set 1 and 2, first to 6 games.  If a set goes to 6-6 games, play a 7-point tie-break.  If the tie-break goes to 6-6 points, play a deciding point.

  • If the match goes to 3rd set, play a 10-point tie-break.  If the tie-break goes to 9-9 points, play a deciding point.

Match points

  • Singles players/ doubles pairs will get 1 point for every set won and 2 points for a match win. 

  • At the end of the Winter League.

    • The 2 singles players/ 2 doubles pairs in Division 1 with the lowest scores, will move down into Division 2. 

    • The 2 singles players/2 doubles pairs in Division 2 with the highest scores, will move up into Division 1.



  • Singles players/doubles pairs to contact the opposition to arrange matches.

    • Please check with us court availability on the day you want to play your match, so a court can be booked for your match.

  • Members please update your results here

  • Non-members, please update your results here


  • A singles player/doubles pair who are unable able to arrange a match with their opponents after 3 attempts (due to their opponent’s unavailability or they withdraw from the league), the singles player/doubles pair get a walk-over and 2 points.

  • A singles player/doubles team that withdraws from the league and is in the relegation zone based on their points, will get relegated from their division.


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